Donations & Fundraising

We at Friends of Si-Kunda endeavour to make all donated monies go as far as possible. We oversee every project we undertake, and meet with the Heads of Schools in the region, commissioner and village elders to make absolutely sure that projects we take on achieve their aim. We visit regularly, hunt out the priorities, and know that they are viable, worthwhile and maintainable.

We have also sponsored many students over the years, though at the moment we have decided to concentrate on the students we have currently, and the schools themselves.  To take a child through all of their education takes a lot of years commitment as they progress, their needs become more expensive as those that are achieving go onto further education. We also ensure that the students have medical care if and when needed and have all the materials they need, plus transport, shoes, uniforms etc. We have regular contact with them, and also keep in contact with many of our ex-students.  A lot of our ex-students have achieved careers by completing College and University, all thanks to our wonderful sponsors.

The projects that we undertake provide valued help throughout a wider community, so the area as a whole will benefit.

Any donation, no matter how small helps us to achieve this, whether it be a one-off contribution or a regular payment, we are always looking for newcomers to help our cause, or ideas to help with fundraising.  We see at first hand what this means to families who have nothing, education is what can help the families the most, it means so much to them all, and by helping the schools themselves gives the dedicated teachers the equipment, stationery and support they so desperately need.

Making a Donation

If you wish to make a donation, this can be made  as a one-off payment by cheque, or bank transfer to:

Lloyds Bank plc
Friends of Sikunda Charity
Account number:  23716468
Sort code: 77-21-06

If you would like to make regular payments, then you can setup a standing order to this account

Please click here to email Marje if you would like any more details

For examples: for just £6.00 per month for a year, we are able to supply 300 exercise books for a school, or buy text books for college and university students.

£24 will buy enough rice to feed the children in the village school for one month, and almost the same again for oil.

Gift aid

With any donation please click on the attached Gift Aid form and send it to Marje. For a taxpayer making a donation, every pound donated to this charity can receive an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue, helping your gift to go further.