Si-Kunda Village Nursery School

This year we have had three sets of swings made and installed in the school grounds. This is the first school in the area to have any outside play equipment and the children love them!

New chairs and tables have been provided, and improvements made to the school vegetable garden. 

The children all had new uniforms for the start of the school year in September, and uniforms made for the caretaker and gardener Fadarbo.

Toniataba School

A new water pump was fitted at the school, and exercise books provided

Jabisa School

A new water pump was fitted, wheelbarrow and garden tools provided. We had school uniforms made for the start of the school year, and a supply of exercise books was given

Fonkoi Kunda

We provided exercise books again for the school this year

Medina Fonkoi Village Garden Project

We were asked to help with creating a garden project to provide allotments for the women of the village, on the same principles as the one we created in Si-Kunda village in 2006.

The work started in October, first of all with clearing the ground, then erecting a fence and digging wells.

By the end of December the seedlings are being planted and the garden well on the way to completion!