Si-Kunda Covered Marketplace

This covered market has been created in the centre of the village. This gives the people of the village a place to sell their vegetables, fruit, fish, juices and soap. It is used daily and has proved to be very popular with the vendors and customers from the village and surrounding areas. 

Medina Fonkoi Gardens

We have now extended the gardens so that all the women in this village can have an allotment

We provided exercise books for schools, writing materials and also other items such as a garden hose for Jabissa School, Print cartridges for Toniataba School and asolar panel battery for Fonkoi Kunda School

Si-Kunda School

The school roof had to be completely replaced this year, we have also painted the school inside and out. The doors on the toilet block have been replaced, the door and window on the kitchen also. The roof of the pavilion in the school grounds has been replaced. There have also been donations including playground equipment from the Peace Corp, and school materials from an ex-resident of the village which have helped enormously. 

The Skills and Community Centre

We have created a veranda on the centre.  This building has many uses. Although originally built for learning sewing and craft skills, it is now also used for a variety of events, meetings, health programmes and elections.