For this term we have delivered exercise books to Fonkoi Kunda, Toniataba, Badumeh and Jabisa schools. The students are always in need of them, and any contribution helps enormously. 

Badumeh School

Toniataba School

Fonkoi Kunda and Jabisa Schools

Both schools have just had repairs completed to their water pumps, a small repair for Jabisa was needed but Fonkoi Kunda’s was rather more extensive. Both are now working well. While the one in Jabisa school was being repaired, the villagers appealed for help with the water tap in the village itself, so this has now been repaired also. 

A New Project – Market Places for Si-Kunda and Medina Fonkoi Villages

This project will provide a place in each village for the women to be able to show and sell their produce from their allotments in the Women’s gardens created by Friends of Si-Kunda. It can of course if they wish provide a place for selling anything else they are able to make, ie: soap, juice, and hopefully in the future tye and dye. Both villages have a lot of people passing through to get to the main town in the area, Soma, so they are sure they will do well, and it saves themselves the journey of taking their produce to the town and then having to compete for trade with everyone else, and of course limiting the long journey of having to carry it all. A lot of discussion has taken place as to how this should be and how it will work, and we have now just made a start with the first one, which will be in Si-Kunda.