During this year we concentrated on Badumeh Kuta, Fonkoi Kunda and Si-Kunda schools

Badumeh Kuta Lower Basic School

This year the donkeys and carts have been used every day to take children to school and home again, these have proved to be invaluable to ensuring the younger children get to school … and safely.   We have now built a school wall across the front of the school and up one side to the building, gates have been made and fitted.  This has made a huge difference to the school, both in appearance and most importantly in keeping the children away from the road and safely in the confines of the school area. At the moment there is a fence around the remaining area, but in time to continue the wall would be a great improvement. But this costs a lot of money, so this is on hold at the moment, The school is very tidy and well cared for, trees and vegetables have been planted… a huge amount has been done since the school was first formed just a couple of years ago. The school and village committees are very supportive of the headmaster and his staff which of course helps enormously in ensuring the schools success

Fonkoi Kunda Lower Basic School

The schools teachers homes built last year now have solar panels fitted to the roof. This has made a great difference to the community and the school as it helps to produce light and to charge mobile phones. The money raised from charging phones goes into the school fund.

Also the veranda has now been finished at the front of the teachers homes

Si-Kunda Nursery School

We have now taken on supporting this village school again. We have lots to do, but there were 79 children attending in November when we visited which is great! The school has three teachers and a cook so that the children are assured of a midday meal every day. The school garden is being started again, and we are currently making a few building repairs and buying the essential items needed to keep the school running. We had a wonderful response to our appeal in July for help, which has enabled us to make a good start!

Si-Kunda Community and Skills Centre

We are pleased that the building is also now going being used as a health clinic for new and expectant mums. We are putting in windows and a false ceiling in one of the rooms, which will be used as an consultation room. This fits in well with all the buildings other uses, ie: a sewing room, committee meetings, etc.,  We have also replaced the window shutters and doors at the front of the building this year.